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Cancellation FAQ

I still have time remaining on my Subscription, can I opt out early?

If there was an early opt-out included in the subscription sign-up process, we will close out your account according to those terms.

If your business or practice is no longer operational, we can dissolve the subscription.

I am signed up to a No Lock-in Contract, can I cancel?

All customers who sign up to a No Lock-in Contract have an initial minimum commitment period of 3 months. Once the 3 months is up, you can cancel anytime by reaching out to us at cancellation@helloreviews.com.au and one of our consultants will follow up with a phone call. We require 2 months written notice if you still wish to cancel.

My team doesn’t know how to send out Hello Reviews Review Requests, can we cancel?

We are willing to offer additional training and consultations to your team at no additional cost.

We’ve been working with Hello Reviews for a long time, is there any way we can get a discount for our loyalty?

If you have already fulfilled the initial term of your subscription and would be willing to renew for another 12-month term, you may be eligible for a discounted rate.

We also offer discounted pricing for multiple locations within the same organization.

We are too busy to send out Hello Reviews Review Requests, can we cancel?

We have built various methods of requesting reviews and some can be set up to automatically send invitations to your customers, we may have one that works for you. Just reach out to cancellation@helloreviews.com.au with your concerns and we’d be happy to see if we could help you get set up so automatic requests can be sent.

Still want to cancel Hello Reviews?

Email your written notice to cancellation@helloreviews.com.au and one of our team will reach out to you within 2 business days to discuss your cancellation. A phone call from your one of our Team Members is essential to cancel any Subscriptions.


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